Services Offered

Managed Firewall

 Your firewall is the doorway to your business. Imagine your business open to the world 24/7, where anyone can walk any place in your office and look or take any information that they come across including sensitive company information such as financials (usernames & passwords), employee files (bank accounts, social security, etc), and clients (credit cards, bank records, etc). We locked your office down and keep intruders out. 

Managed Antivirus

 Computer manufacturers as well Operating Systems such as Windows are constantly updating their systems to keep them protected. We IT professionals are immerse in the latest technologies and news that allows us to protect our clients businesses.

Managed Backup

 As we enjoy the ability to have information within our reach any time we need it, there are also risks that go along with it.  We are only humans and we make mistakes and sometimes these mistakes are not noticeable until you are looking for that file that you need and is no longer available. Human error is the number one factor on missing or inadvertently deleted files; the second one are disasters, such as fires, floods, tornados, however; in this world of high-tech there are also those who want harm business through malware, virus, worms, adware, spyware, ransomware, etc,.  You need to keep your business secure and your business data needs to be keep safe using backups. 

Total Tech Care

 This is a comprehensive service where we become your IT Department and we are an extension of your business where we take care of your technology needs. You get a group of experience individuals with extensive technology knowledge handling your technological infrastructure from your Internet Service Providers to your wireless network. Always looking ahead for you to take advantage of the technology to be more productive, keep client retention and improve your work flows. 

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